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              中文 | English

              Maiman based in China, takes the lead in introduction of international advanced product design

              Maiman laser is widely used in metal, non-metallic industry, glass industry, diamond industry, etc
              Maiman based in China, takes the lead in introduction of international advanced product design
              Wavelength variety
              Wavelength covers the infrared 1064nm, green 532nm, UV 355nm and other wavelengt.
              Has been mass delivery of various types of high-stability laser more than 6,000 units, repair rate <3%, life expectancy of more than 20,000 hours.
              Various types
              Both high average power of solid-state lasers, and high peak, high pulse stability, high beam quality of the laser.
              OEM customization
              To provide a variety of personalized needs for industrial, scientific research, military, etc. Provide OEM customized services.
              About Maiman

              Values represent the Maiman people working attitude. In rugged development road, Maiman people are down to earth, continue to innovate, and persistence. These characters brought one after another victory for Maiman Laser. Maiman Laser has become a domestic advanced all solid-state laser manufacturing enterprise.

              Tianjin Maiman Laser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010. In terms of products, covering the air cooling 1064nm end-pumped laser, air cooling 532nm green laser and 355…

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